New Turbo Trainer

I may be missing something obvious here but I have purchased a new basic turbo trainer and I wish to change from my jetblack Z1 to this. Where do I find the menu to do this. So far I have searched and searched both the help and the game settings.

Steve.  What is the name of your new trainer.  Have you gone into settings to see if it is listed at the pairing screen.  Need to click on your old trainer in pairing and search for the new one.  If it’s not listed, it may be too new that Zwift has not tested and set it up.  If that is the case, submit a Zwift help ticket.  They could point you in the right direction or offer a similier trainer to use.

Hi Chris. Thank you. My new trainer is a blackburn tech fluid. Neither are ant connected. I am using speed and cadence sensors. I may be blind and missing the obvious but can’t see an option on the pairing screen for a trainer?


You should choose your trainer at the pairing screen and using the Speed sensor + Classic Trainer. Your trainer is supported so you should be able to find it.