changing trainer

How do I alter the  trainer that I have on settings ?

I have a new one and wish to add.

Press the A key to get to the pairing screen.

Under menu and pairing, find the speed option. Click unpair. You’ll start pedaling and then select your speed sensor. Here, you should be able to select your new classic trainer. This worked for me as I upgraded to a better mag trainer. It allows more watt output. If you have a smart trainer, then you can probably unpair the old one and sync the new one with whatever signal is put out (ant+ or bluetooth).

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When you’re pairing up devices and starting to pedal, click on speed. I’ll try it myself tomorrow. I think a smart trainer is best and then a fluid trainer from there it seems. A classic magnet trainer won’t be as accurate. Zwift wants you to pick the exact make/model, too.