New to Zwift power and not sure of categorisation

Not sure which category I fit in so joined a B workout ride/event yesterday for Team CLS. This is only my second event.

In results I have an arrow and MICE next to me for the category column. What does this mean?

Riding on TACX smart trainer with 100% resistance and HRT monitor. My FTP is currently 333.

Sorry, I don’t know the answer. Just replying so you don’t feel ignored. :smiley:

Maybe it’s new. It doesn’t seem to be a disqualification code though, because it’s listed as a category/filter at the top of the list.


You could ask on the Zwift Power forum.

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The race organiser has created a new category ‘MICE’ for the first 5 finishers in such a way to show them at the bottom of the results but without disqualifying them. I suspect they were flyers who rode away from beacon or otherwise didn’t follow instructions.

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