Zwift Power Cat Question

I have not been racing or doing harder group rides for the lat few months and thus my Zwift Power category has been downgraded. This makes sense to me and I am fine with that, however I would like to start racing again and I want to be sure that I enter into the correct pin so as not to be disqualified for going over category limits if I perform above Cat limits. Sorry if this is a silly or obvious question, but I but should I just enter the category that Zwift Power says or go up one? I don’t mind being last in the higher category, I do mind being disqualified for performing above the lower category limits.

Thanks for any thoughts or advice.

Consider doing a ramp / FTP test to see where you are at the moment. That will give you a good indicator of what Category to enter,

Thanks Alan,
I know my FTP; did Systm 4DP full frontal, so that’s why I am concerned with performing out of category in pen that Zwift Power recommends. I think I will just go up and avoid the risk. Cheers.


That is the way to go. or calculate your cat. 0.95 x (FTP / kg)


It’s the ZwiftPower MINIMUM category. Nothing prevents a rider with a D minimum category from entering A category.