Racing category no longer showing on profile

Racing category used to be visible here… bug? I checked in Firefox and Safari on macOS - same result.

Try your ‘other’ zwiftDOTcom profile. That is the one for you at the below url, but with your athlete number populated at the end (I broke up the http 'cause I can’t post links)

ht tps://

Your Cat, actually labelled “Pace Group” should be at the top of the webpage under your banner headlined size name.

Yeah it’s visible there, and in Companion, but I’m curious whether this was an intentional change. It’s not that I’m having trouble finding the information, just that it disappeared from a place where it used to be. There’s a lot of advice out there about finding it in the feed profile.

Good question… the one I linked is the one that your Zwiftpower profile page directs you to under the INFO button for Pace Group. That said, for some reason, my athlete/xxx page is missing actual activities for about the past month, so it doesn’t replace my Feed page. Kinda messy IMO… I think we each have about 5 places (or more) we can visit in the zwiftverse, that are all somehow labelled as our ‘profile’.

Mine is at the top under my name. I thought it was always there.

on your /feed profile? All I get under my name is my current Level.

I’m talking about the info on the right side of the feed. Category was there a day ago and now it’s not.


Used to be





Just an aside but what is the trigger for a new calculation of your zFTP, zMAP and VO2 max. It doesn’t always seem to update just because your power numbers change.

Has this come about because of the intention to use this new, horrendously flawed as it stands, Zwift Racing Score?

This has been moved to My Profile

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