New to Zwift and it Freezes


just started free 7 day trial of ZWIFT and not impressed as it froze my Mac Book Pro half way in my ride and lost half my data. Not impressed so far.  reading the reports this is  a common fault. Why should I pay for a poor system?

When you say it froze your MBP, do you mean that the computer completely locked up? If so, that actually points towards a hardware issue with your computer. Running a graphically intensive video game on a Mac is going to push it harder than usual, so you need to make sure it’s properly ventilated and doesn’t overheat. There are other causes that can cause a computer freeze, but they’re not directly related to Zwift. If this does sound like what you’re seeing, and you can’t figure it out, I’d recommend contacting Apple for more suggestions.

If it’s not your computer, but just Zwift, it’s possible you may be running into a number of different issues, and we can help you further via our ticketing system. Just fill out the form at so we can get your logs.