New Saris H3 - Do I select H3 for Cadence?

Hi All,

After 3 1/2 years using a Kickr SNAP wheel on trainer for my Zwifting, yesterday I purchased a Saris H3 from a local sporting goods chain here in the San Francisco Bay Area. The setup was quick, super easy, and my first ride on Zwift using the H3 was flawless. I was really surprised and very impressed with the improved Zwift experience using a direct-drive trainer.

One question though, on my previous setup with the Kickr SNAP I used a Garmin cadence sensor on the bike’s crank arm. When starting Zwift for the first H3 Zwift ride yesterday, on the setup screen I selected the Garmin cadence sensor and the cadence source.

Should I have selected the Saris H3 as the cadence source? Does the H3 broadcast cadence?

Thanks in advance, this forum has been very helpful to me on many occasions.


Select “Controllable” and not sensors. The H3 will broadcast power and cadence. Zwift will calculate speed.