Display Cadence from Kickr on screen via ant+ pairing

(Kevin Smith - TPB/BSR) #1

Ability to pair kickr as the cadence sensor would be great.  Since many of us run Quarqs or other crank based  pms that provide cadence.  Hate to buy a senor solely for indoor riding.

(Jon Mayfield) #2

Hi Kevin, I’m not sure what you mean.  The KICKR doesn’t broadcast cadence, so you’ll need to pair something else if you want that data.  

You are free to pair whatever device you want as cadence, including your Quarq, regardless of what you haved paired to power or controllable trainer.   

(Eric Denning [ODZ]) #3

The KICKR does actually broadcast cadence if you have the “Cadence from ANT+” toggle turned on.  I’m not sure why you wouldn’t just pair to that specific device though in the first place.  :)

(Eric Oshlo) #4

I agree with Eric D. I just pair my Quarq directly with Zwift for both power and cadence, pairing my Kickr only as a controllable trainer for “just riding”. I do occasionally pair my Kickr as the power meter also if I want ERG mode in a workout, but even then I still pair my Quarq directly for cadence. 

(Kevin Smith - TPB/BSR) #5

Right, but I don’t have a quarq or cadence on my road bike (use powertap G3 for watts and virtual cadence).  Obviously, I would pair a device if I had one.  

(Eric Oshlo) #6

Ah. Ok. I was keying off the statement “…many of us run Quarqs or other crank based pms…” as meaning you did have a separate power meter. Sorry about that.

(B rad Duncan) #7

This is interesting as I got a cadence sensor specifically for this.

BUT, I used to get a cadence reading on the Zwift mobile app, and my uploaded data from Zwift used to include cadence as well, it just never showed on screen (this was with just a Kickr and HRM paired).