KCKR & Cadence Sensor

(Rob Toeppner) #1

Before each ride, I spin my cranks to trigger the cadence sensor, and it populates for both power and cadence sensor sections.   This leaves both the KCKR and cadence sensor shown for power calculations.

Can I assume Zwift always defaults to the KCKR in these cases?




(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #2

The cadence sensor shouldn’t show for power calculations. Can I get a screenshot of what is actually showing up when you are pairing?

Either way, whatever you choose to pair will be what’s being used in Zwift.

(Rob Toeppner) #3

I misspoke when calling both sensors “power”.   When turning the cranks, the cadence sensor gets populated for both “speed” and cadence:


So, in this case, I’m curious about the “or” option for the top area of power and speed.   Is a choice happening in the background?


(Wynand Viljoen (B1 Evo)) #4

Hi Rob


I have the same set up and it uses my Kickr for power. It also controls the resistance of the kickr. Just make sure that under power Kickr is selected.

(Don Barnard) #5

I get the same thing. If I unpair the speed/cadence sensor, then search for just a cadence senor, it doesn’t show a speed sensor anymore. I don’t know if this is really necessary, however.

(Rob Toeppner) #6

Funny you mention that Don.   I’ve been doing the same thing (detecting the cadence sensor, removing the cadence sensor, then re-adding it back to just the cadence area), but was unsure if it was wasted effort or not.

(Wynand Viljoen (B1 Evo)) #7


Don’t forget there is no way that the speed sensor can signal a wheel speed as there is no rear wheel to trigger it. So as long as you select a KICKR or another Power meter as your power source you will be fine. Z Power requires wheel speed and a power curve (Based on the trainer being used) to determine the power level. No wheel speed = no power. So if the speed sensor was being used you wouldn’t be moving on Zwift island. So I don’t think you need to worry about getting rid of the speed sensor being shown and it’s a wasted effort to try and remove it.

(Rob Toeppner) #8

Thanks Winand - Indeed a spinning rear wheel with magnet is required for that speed calculation, however I was probably unclear.

Like Don, I’ve been removing the cadence sensor from the speed area before each ride because I was concerned that my speed would be reported as zero.   In other words, I suspected it was a bug.

Glad to hear it makes no difference, so I’ll just leave it.

However, if a fixed-wheel trainer is used, technically the speed section should not be populated, or perhaps greyed out.    I think this would mitigate some of the confusion/concern a few of us have had.