Saris/CycleOps Hammer Cadence

I’ve been using Hammer trainer for quite some time mostly trouble-free except for one thing. Cadence reading has always been unstable jumping at least +/- 10%, no matter how hard I tried to keep it smooth. Then I decided to use a Stages power meter as a cadence sensor, and the difference was immense: +/-2% at 100rpm with no changes to my pedaling technique.

Naturally, using an external cadence sensor when a trainer has its own is absurd. Maybe this is something worth looking into?

Hi Irakly,

Smart trainers only estimate cadence, but a cadence sensor on your crank arm – such as Wahoo/Garmin cadence sensor, or a Stages power meter with built in cadence – will be more accurate. I also get better results using the dedicated cadence sensor as opposed to the estimate my Tacx trainer gives.

I have the Garmin cadence sensor but Zwift only lists the Saris/Hammer cadence. How do I pair Zwift with the Garmin?
Update: my bad—sensor only ANT+, no BLE. Sorry