New Route - Assault on the Carolinas

As much as I’ve enjoyed tooling around Central Park and London, there’s one particular ride I do every year that I would adore seeing on Zwift (namely because in order to train for it, I’d have to drive for multiple hours to NC to ride it - where I live is entirely flat).

The Assault on the Carolinas is a relatively challenging 100km route that features up to 15% climbs and has the (at least to me) devastatingly long Caeser’s Head climb that lasts for 6 miles that starts when your legs have already been obliterated by over 40 miles of riding. It’s one of those rides that IRL sells out within a month or two of ticket sales opening, with over 1000 riders attending yearly. I know I would love the opportunity to do this ride outside of riding season, and I’d love to share this gem of the Carolinas! Not every ride lets you pedal in two states in a single event.

Would anyone else like to see this ride featured?

I lived near Brevard last summer and the Assault on the Carolinas is a gorgeous and grueling route.

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How about Lotoja

Do you have a Strava link to the ride?


It’s a fun little ride.