Zwift Year End Stats

Have to say the #2 most ridden route was a surprise, I ride it from time to time and it’s usually a ghost town. I’ll ignore the fact they posted the stats in miles and not kilometres…

I agree those three routes are some of my favorites too. The “new” Watopia´s Waistband is awesome too.

Where is this from? Could you link? Is there more info?

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It’s from their Facebook page, the post didn’t have any other info.


Most popular event routes maybe? I find it hard to believe that people are choosing to free ride it, especially when it is not even often available as a choice.


I would have guessed a shorter average ride. Maybe the median is lower and boosted by a smaller group of riders. Or maybe I’m further on the left of the curve than I thought!

With Tempus Fugit being the #1 ridden route (my guess would be by a long shot over #2) there’s a lot of 40km in 60min pace partner rides happening.

Tempus is very popular.

Just watch a pace partner group around the 2.5-4.0w/kg power level when it is on Tempus course, it will have hundreds of riders with it.

When it goes elsewhere the numbers drop, especially for the “flat” routes that aren’t very flat.

Very true!

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Maybe you just have to do some, not all, of the route for it to count.

Yesterday, that infographic appeared in my Strava feed as well. Tempus I totally get. As for Richmond UCI and RGV :exploding_head: That said, I was actually on Richmond UCI on Wednesday night for the first time in a long time, but only for the new reverse UCI badge :sweat_smile: Much to my surprise, it was quite busy in both directions :person_shrugging:

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Hot take: this is a good indication of how many people vote with their feet about dynamic pacing


People only ride flat roads. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Sure but what I’m trying to get at is why. I suspect people like (1) high speed with the scenery going by quickly, and (2) a steady pace without a lot of variation in power. It may not be one or the other - it can be both. Pure conjecture on my part.

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Hot take - tempus fugit was the most popular well before pace partners existed. Even people choosing to exercise are lazy.


All about the Strava distance. Fastest way to get the most distance. :thinking:

I suspect the reasons are mostly the same. Plus I guess reason 3 is that the course is well populated, which is a self-fulfilling outcome. Any other reasons why people are eagerly watching the Pace Partner calendar to see when their favorites are on Tempus Fugit, Tick Tock, or similar routes? I love hilly routes but I still watch the calendar for PP opportunities on flat routes. I know there will be a great crowd hauling ass and minimal pace changes.

It’s also more fun, they can chat easily on that course because less gear changes needed.

Look at ADZ, people always use workout mode there, I assume because they want “I did ADZ” but without the enjoyment of gear shifting and experiencing the changing gradients.

You won’t catch me doing that. I use PerfPRO Studio for workouts.

XP hunters

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I thought it was ADZ in workout mode and powered by a bot was the favoured XP method… :roll_eyes:

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Any workout with 61 second intervals works, AdZ to get drops as bonus