New guy question

I’m new to swift and cycling so maybe I just suck but I’m peddling guts out and only at 1.3 . Meanwhile I see peeps going 3 and 4! Do I need to recalibrate? I. Using kinetic road machine with inline. Excuse ignorance

You should calibrate the trainer before every ride.

I’m guessing the 1.3 is your watts per kilogram. Without knowing more about your cycling fitness level the 1.3w/kg could very well be correct. Holding 3w/kg is very difficult to sustain when you are new to cycling. A lot of the people on Zwift have been cycling for years and have put a lot of time into training to get to the level the are at, it didn’t happen over night.

With that being said, the worse thing you can do is to try and judge your performance based on what others are doing and just work on getting better then yourself.

Make sure your weight and height are set up and correct.  Perform a calibration after warm up.  This link may help.

Just keep riding and don’t worry about it.  It will come in time.  I still remember my first 10K ride.  :)  

As stated above, it’s possible everything may be calibrated properly.

Don’t worry about how you measure up against other people. That doesn’t do anyone any favours. Let’s not have a repeat of being in the communal school shower. 

Whatever Wattage you’re pushing, the most important factor is that you’re enjoying yourself. Keep having fun and everything else will fall into place. 

Inline or Inride