Question W/KG and Calibration

Recently I got myself a Kick Snap. After the first calibration I was around 2.2 W/KG. After I did another calibration attempt a few weeks later (will now do it before every ride), my W/KG increased to 3.5 on a race. After that I did a few other other calibrations and also made sure that the tyre had the recommended pressure (around 100 PSI). Still my W/KG are around 3.5 (I am 70KG).

I am now Zwifting for over a month (did TDZ, couple of workouts and some races) and I also drive 10km to work everyday and back to home again. My question is: Does 3.5 W/KG sounds reliable and realistic to you?

Could be.
3.5 gives you an ftp of 245.
That’s a common range for competitive amateurs.
Are you able to hang with a fast group IRL?
Few beginners will be able to ride at that level but it is not unrealistic for you to be able to.

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Indoors on a direct drive trainer I started around the same number (outdoors I am higher but that’s a whole other thread I’ve started here), I’ve edged up to 3.8 over 5 months. Outdoors I’m the strongest rider in a moderate group and am confident I could hang with most people who take cycling seriously but aren’t really good racers; OR to put it another way, I’m in the mix on local KOMs without taking them easily; OR to put it a third way my Veloviewer score was about 96/97, if you use that. If any or all that sounds like you, then yeah, give or take a bit, 3.5 sounds realistic, but obviously hard to say.