Power reading inaccurate

My w/kg shows 2.5w/kg but riders are passing me doing 2.1w/kg and I can’t keep up in a group ride as I have to go about 0.4w/kg higher than the rest! I have latest version and my tacx flow smart trainer is callibrated, any help welcome.

Are you really light and/or are you using a TT bike?

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How tall are you? How tall are they? Swift’s algorithm is a little unfair to taller riders.

If you’re a lightweight guy on a flat course, you may be dropped by heavier riders doing the same w/kg as you. Unless you’re riding up a gradient, weight is not that important.

watch these:
youtube com watch?v=w4BI1WwhL8M
youtube com watch?v=BdVjaJu561Y

if you think that zwift is close to IRL or has any plans to make it as IRL … better dream further.