New customization item icon won't go away

This is no big deal but I thought I’d mention it in hopes there was a way to remove the 1 new customization icon.  When I go into Customization, there is nothing new identified, just the icon adjacent to the Customization link icon.   I’ve gone into Customization a number of times, changed, every single option, traversed the carousels front to back, and can’t find any new items.  The 1 New Item icon has been on my screen for months so I can’t tell you if it was related to an update or not. 

Are you sure you’ve gone through all of the items to select? You have to click and drag on the items to scroll the items over to reveal some more. It’s not immediately apparent that you need to do this.

Absolutely sure… scrolled up and down all the way and what you’re talking about was my comment about a carousel… I’ve drug each of the categories carousels left and right as far as they’d go.  I’m a software developer so pretty used to that sort of thing.