Customizations Screen

One thing about the customizations screen that is a bit confusing.

When I look at the customizations I had assumed that any upgrades would appear chronologically in the list in the order that they were unlocked.

It wasn’t intuitive to me that I could scroll down the list and find unlocked items further down the list, underneath items that are still locked. I did so under wheels purely by happenstance in exploring around and found that I had indeed unlocked a set of DeepV wheels. I hadn’t seen any in game notification about the achievement so was surprised to see them unlocked. I also found some additional jerseys I hadn’t realized I had earned, although I did see an in game notification about unlocking some new ones. I had seen the initial 3 in the list, but not the ones further down. Again, it wash’t intuitive to me that unlocked items would appear underneath padlocked items.

It sounds like you want to see in-game notifications when you unlock items, and then unlocked items on top of locked ones on the customization screen, right?

Is there anything else you’d like to see on the customization screen that isn’t there already? Thanks for the feedback!

Yes, I’d definitely like to see in game notification of unlocked items. If I unlock a new bike or set of wheels I might like to utilize those in my current session rather than being surprised to have acquired them the next time I open customizations.

It just seems logical to me that unlocked items would appear in the customizations list in the chronology they are acquired, and that all unlocked items would be sequential and all locked items would follow…so that as you scroll, when you reach the first padlock icon you know that you have reached the end of your available bling.

Hi Greg,

We’re definitely noticing it’s not as intuitive as it should be and cleaning up this section is in the works (seems to be the eternal answer during Beta). Thanks for the great feedback!


I agree with Greg.  In addition to being confusing, it takes extra time to choose your jersey, bike, etc. when having to scroll past locked items.  I’d love to see all of the unlocked items at the top and then at the bottom one single padlock with the number of locked items next to it.  

And then I’d alter the scrolling mechanism so instead of maintaining a mouse click and scrolling down you can just scroll through all of the unlocked items (hover your mouse over the customization section and scroll without any click).  I envision the experience to be sort of like a Rolodex and once you get to the last item (the padlock) it takes you back to the first item.

Also, on my Macbook Pro I find that my avatar is too dark in the customization screen.  I’m constantly trying to tweak my skin tone to match real life, and when I get into the course and my avatar is brighter, I see I got it wrong.

And lastly, it would be really cool to have an easier way to have the primary color of the jersey you select and the bike color to automatically be matched (with the option still to mix and match colors).

p.s. I’m loving Zwift!