User (avatar) Customization - Keyboard Input & 8/4/17 update

I’d like to use left/right arrow keys on the PC keyboard to scroll left/right through the jerseys and other user/avatar customization options. The keyboard is more fluid than clicking with the mouse, especially when I may want a selection that is several screens over to the right.

(side issues in the user customization screens: (1) I am used to seeing the text for all options (e.g., different jerseys), not just for the one option currently selected. This is (2) especially true for the jerseys, since I’m used to selecting the jersey by the text description and the back of the jersey, and with today’s update I need to select the jersey by the front view. I rarely get much in-game view of the front of a jersey to be familiar with what it looks like.

Hi Steve - Thanks for the great feedback and suggestions, we’ll be looking into this! Ride On. 

Shane Miller’s recent YouTube helped with this screen. It’s his “Zwift User Customization - Now With More Hair!” video from yesterday. 

I saw him click and drag a jersey right to left – which will “throw” the jersey selections across the screen. I had not discovered that movement on my own; I was just clicking the rightmost jersey time after time to advance through the screens.

That gives me another thought – maybe you could display the text name of the jersey whenever the cursor is over they jersey icon.

I’d still say that ideally the left and right arrow keys would work everywhere in the UI where there are options arranged horizontally, if that is best UI practice. And the same with the up/down arrow keys, whenever menu options are arranged vertically.

I found the new avatar customization pop up difficult to use. I shouldn’t have to watch a YouTube video to figure out how to scroll. Where is the scroll bar? Where are the arrows like on a photo slideshow? I would guess that many users run off of laptops with touch pads, not a mouse. I really hope that the testers have this as a use case.

8/9/17 Update: After using the avatar pop up again, I think there is a problem with the wheel selection. I can’t scroll around my selection of wheels. The bike and jersey selectors work just fine but I can’t move the wheels around at all. 

Does anyone else have this problem?

Thank you for enhancing the keyboard input – the arrow keys – on the avatar customization pages, with the 9/14/17 update:

  • “Arrow keys now allow you to navigate through the customization screen.  UP/DOWN select category, LEFT/RIGHT choose item.”