Support Page Up / Page Down keyboard keys on Main Menu, Settings screen, etc

Please support the Page Up / Page Down keyboard keys to scroll an entire page on all screens or menus that require scrolling.

Currently using version 1.31.0, running on a dedicated Windows PC at 1080p with a TV as the display, and using a Logitech Dinovo Mini for input from across the room. This device has a small touch pad and mini keyboard. There’s no mouse wheel and having to click and drag the screen is slow, awkward, and cumbersome. This is likely true for anyone trying to navigate these menus while sitting on their bike.

Conventionally, most other scrollviewers on Windows support page up / page down for easier paging, so scrolling menu pages in Zwift should be consistent.


does it support touch gestures?

  • Scroll: Place two fingers on the touchpad and slide horizontally or vertically.