Hovering/call-able? menu for key strokes on function keys/etc on PC

With the phone app sometimes not available (no phone, phone not synching, need phone for other reasons, etc) it’d be nice to have the function key menu available somewhere, like a hover or something. Or a replication of the phone menu.

On one longer ride the phone ended up not synching with the PC so my snapshots and texts didn’t actually happen. It’d be nice to have a quick reference for those things so riders can do the same thing from the PC.

Also I’d like to explore the different views but only have the options from the phone app side of things. Helicopter etc would be cool.

Hi Aki,

Check out our Common Questions about Zwift post for all the Hot Keys current in the game: https://support.zwift.com/hc/communities/public/posts/202207149-Common-Zwift-Questions-and-Info

Thanks. I guess I was hoping to avoid having to learn/print/etc all the functions. I suppose that I did that when I played online games so it’s no different.