User Customization - "New" tags go away after clicking on "New" items

(Bruce Donehoo) #1

In the “User Customization” screen, I still see items marked as “New” after unlocking something and multiple app start/close as if nothing is being saved.  As a video gamer, I think of this as “it’s not new anymore once I click on it to view it.”  Is there a day timer on “new” items?  Is some metadata not being saved behind the scenes that I have acknowledged the “new” item so only “new to me” items are tagged?  Maybe too picky right now but a polish item for your list.

(Niels Cornelisse) #2

click and hold the button will help

(Chris Handisides | Free-Flite East Cobb) #3

You’ve got to view the item(s) for a few seconds for the notification to go away.

(Bruce Donehoo) #4

I’ve tried out various things to make the “New” tags go away.  Either clicking on them and viewing them in the Customization window as well as choosing them and exiting out to the main ride screen and then going back into Customization screen.  Just not very consistent.

I do software development for a living so always looking for ways to break the app to find something not working as desired to then testing that things work how they should.  Nobody should have to click and hold a button or sit and view it for awhile.  I worked on trying to get an idea on how it was programmed in hopes of offering some polish ideas as I really want to see Zwift work out.


Zwift peeps, another thing along the lines of the original request is to have the post ride stats screen (with HR and Watts charts) refresh when coming back from the Customization screen.  I’ve seen the customization button show “2”, go into User Customization, click on some items to have at least one of them stop showing as new, exit back to the post-ride screen and still see “2” on the button.