"New Item" notification showing in garage, but no actual items found

Zwifters have reported seeing a “New Item” notification in their garage without any actual items being found. We are aware of the issue, and will investigate further.

I will update this post as we receive any new information. Thank you for your patience!



Has this not been resolved as of yet ? This occurred for me after the Tour of Watopia, and others have suggested that the frame colour scheme reward notification is not clearing once one has “tried it on”. PLEASE clear this flag from our accounts !! Thank-you.

Today’s update did not correct this issue for me.

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Same here, its very annoying, can someone please get on this.


I have the same error.
It’s not important, but it’s annoying

Tengo el mismo error.
No es importante, pero es molesto.

Bump…Please fix this annoying glitch

Any news about this bug? Still present in my account…