Some frames displayed as — in ZCA

The newer ones, maybe?

Hi Jim,

That sounds possibly like a bug, but it’s hard to know without more information. Please submit a support request if you haven’t already done so, and a Zwift team member will be happy to take a closer look at this matter. Also, please include screenshots showing the frames displayed as you’ve described. Screenshots are very helpful in our team’s investigative efforts and for general clarification of the issue.

Done. For the record, here is a screenshot.

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I got this strange request from Zwift Support:

If you happen to come into further contact with the members who are experiencing this issue first hand, please have them write in themselves so that we can collect further information and get a proper count of this issue.

So, if you see three dashes for your bike frame on your own profile in ZCA, submit a support ticket and let them know which frame you’ve equipped.


Yeah, I don’t even think it’s possible to see your own bike in ZCA, only other riders’. And it’s quite obvious that the newer bikes show up as —.

My question: Is there any place in the Zwift app that I can tell what frame the Zwift application “thinks” is loaded?? The most obvious spot is the garage, but Zwift support said the green check selection indicated in the Garage was not the frame reported in their logs. The frame displayed in game video has always matched the frame selected in the garage. The Zwift Companion app is the only other spot I can think of (which is —), but Iʻm new to Zwift. The frame choice also affects the aero&tire drag, but I donʻt know where I can see any of this in the game either.

My frame is also displayed as — in the Companion App. Itʻs always — and never changes with any of the four frames I commonly use. Iʻve already filed a support ticket because support has said my rides are registered in game as being on a different frame than the one I selected and the rides are registered in game as a different frame than the frame displayed in the game video. The frame selection is important in the Cape Epic Challenge where my totals were incorrectly reported. My frame choice usually defaults to Zwift Carbon even though I havenʻt used that frame in months (or so I think). This problem seems worse in iOS (which Iʻve given up on for now) than MacOS.

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