Companion App Profile - many bike frames do not populate

I’ve noticed in group rides when giving kudos through the iOS companion app that the rider profile sometimes but not always lists the bike frame selected by the rider.

I did some more testing with my own profile while changing bikes in-game and it looks like only older bikes are rendered properly. For example, the Specialized Allez and Zwift Carbon render, but the Zwift Mountain and Trek Emonda do not.

This is a completely cosmetic bug but wanted to bring it to your attention in case there are some enumerated types or string constants that don’t line up across the apps.

Yep, this has been a problem for a while. There have been other threads on this.

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Thanks. I only jumped over here to read release notes and it has been nagging me recently. I guess I wasn’t googling the right things.


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Thanks again for digging that up. I will try submitting a support request as well, but what I really need is a public Jira or other issue tracker (that I’m sure doesn’t exist).