Garage indicates new item but can't find it


So, the last three or so rides I see this new item flag, but nothing new is to be found. anyone else?

I have the same problem.

On the ToW stage 7 TT thread, others do as well I just read

Have you completed all 7 stages of the Tour of Watopia? If so, it’s your paint job; it’ll appear if you have a Zwift Aero bike.

Yes, but I’ve already been riding with it since

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ya its a zwift bug, at least on Windows even if you enable the super quad color Zwift frame you will be presented with the endless opportunity of equipping it in the form of a new item, even if its not new or you have it equipped.


Honesty, out of all of the riders that have completed all 7 stages who actually rides with the Zwift Aero frame? To me this was a worthless incentive.


Me too … P.


Still there…


I have this same issue, which also emerged after the Tour of Watopia, and it drives me nuts. If this is a common bug, why can Zwift admin not just scan for accounts where this is occurring and clear the “flag” for the new item ?

I mix up my bikes all the time… the couple of seconds don’t impact my workouts.

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Same here, update this morning didn’t fix it

why does my garage indicate 5 new items but when I check I have none