New Course Suggestion - the 2020 Tokyo Olympics

Anyone want to speculate on a Zwift Olympics course actually happening?

There hasn’t been an update this month yet. The Specialized Roval Climbing Challenge starts on the 20th and the Aethos frame and Roval wheels are supposed to be in the drop shop before then. Unless these assets were already added in a previous update and are just waiting to be unlocked then we’d need a new update before Tuesday (20th Jul).

The Olympic road race is on next Saturday (24th Jul). If there is an Olympic Zwift course then we’d be getting it this week but we’ve heard absolutely nothing. No event announcements (the Makuri Island Olympic events were announced weeks in advance). No mystery promos. No Eric Min strava rides. The radio silence with only a week to go doesn’t look promising for a Zwift Olympic course does it?

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I’m a bit surprised that we haven’t seen this yet. Only a couple of days ago and we still don’t have a Zwift course for Tokyo. I’m guessing there have been unforseen problems integrating it into the Makuri Islands area?