New Bike + Elite Suito - grinding noise?

I just purchased a new bike and attached it to also new elite suito and im hearing odd grinding sound. Any idea why it’s happening?

The bike is BMC Roadmachine X Rival Adventure Road Bike 2020

I used the through axle that came with Suito. The specification for the bike says that the frame is:

Frame: Roadmachine X - Tuned Compliance Concept, PF86 bottom bracket, Flat Mount, 12x142mm thru-axle

While the elite suito is 12x148. Is that the problem?

Here’s a video where i tried to capture the sound (remove the space before photos, apparently i cant include links in my post…


Thanks for any help and happy to soon be joining the community rides :slight_smile:

Sounds like an indexing issue. You need to tune/adjust the rear derailleur to fit the cassette on the Suito.

I had exactly the same problem when I got mine a few months back, also made a horrible clunking when changing gears. As the person above has said it’s an indexing issue. I took it to my local shops to re index as I’m not great at that stuff and didn’t want to make it worse and I’ve had no issues at all since. Good luck, hope this works for you.