Never show on Leaderboard

Why after every race I never on the Leaderboard

Hi Gary - welcome to the forums.

If you are referring to your Zwiftpower results - it seems you are entering a lot of events that either dont allow Zpower devices at all, or Zpower devices that finish with podium placings, such as your last race. That explains the ZP tags on most of your races. The others (UPG and WKG) are for racing in the wrong Cat or are exceeding the Cat thresholds for power.

Zpower is used to define people that are using unsupported trainers that Zwift cant reliably model the power curve for, which means that the power outputs are very likely to be inaccurate.

When entering events, check them in Zwiftpower to determine whether you wil be considered in the results:

No podiums for example:

Cant compete:

Hi dean
Thanks for getting back to me I have to trainers a none smart one and a smart one but yet both never seem to register I wear heart rate Monitor as well

What is your smart trainer? Getting that working with Zwift would likely solve this for you and you would get more reliable/consistent power.

It’s the wahoo KICKR SNAP and it’s hooked up to Zwift as well along with speed cadence and heart rate to so have no Idea what I am not getting on the Bored

That is odd as that is a smart trainer and you should not be getting a Zpower DQ if you are using it.

This might be dumb question but when you use it, do you add that in your pairing screen for “power” and “controllable”. Do you use Ant+ or Bluetooth to pair?

Both which ever one it picks up on at the time

I am on there most days so will try again tomorrow and go from there

You don’t need speed sensors with the kickr snap, get rid of that and just pair the kickr.

I will give that ago it’s just the speed sensor is just on the wheel so I just let it do it’s thing but thanks Mike will try

Mike thanks for the tip on the speed sensor

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