Leaderboards z power riders

I would certainly not want to discourage anyone from using zwift but the z power riders taking the top spots on the leaderboards with other worldly times is getting old at this point. It’s obvious that their numbers are far from normal and it becomes discouraging to the many riders with smart trainers I’ve spoken with. At this point something should be done in the coding or relegate the z power users out of the leaderboards. It’s beginning to dilute the reality of the game.

At this point in Zwift it is rare to see a zPower/virtual power user, let alone one that actually takes a top spot on any segment. I don’t see how virtual power users are diluting the gaming experience on Zwift.

If you like there is a Flag Flyers button on the ZCA if you see someone who you feel is not setup properly. A better option would be to try and assist them in getting them setup correctly, some new users don’t know they are doing anything wrong.

I used a wheel on dumb trainer for an entire year, and just got a kickr core last week. My power increased significantly since using the smart trainer. My point being that the zpower users might actually be under reporting their power numbers. Assuming they are following the manufacturer’s directions to set up their bike properly on the wheel on trainer. My FTP went up almost 10% since getting the kickr core.

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If you look consistently at the leaderboards you’ll see surprisingly that many top spots are taken by the z power riders. I began noticing it last year when friends on zwift told me about it. I was surprised but it was true. At Yorkshire this week both KOM climbs were taken by z power riders by a good margin

I hardly see any zPower riders and it’s rare I see them at the top of any leaderboard.

I really doubt those zPower users you are seeing at the tops of leaderboards are purposely exaggerating their watts/speed within Zwift. More than likely is that they are new to seeing power numbers and have no idea what it should be for them.

During this time of year we see an influx of new riders on Zwift, including zPower/virtual power riders. Lets not attack them for having the setup they can afford, but try and help them and welcome them to make they community and Zwift bigger.

Most who start with zPower/virtual power soon want a more realistic Zwift experience and more to a smart trainer or power meter. Everyone has to start somewhere.

I started with zPower and moved to a smartish trainer and now use a power meter.

When I first started on Zwift in 2015 about half of the users were zPower/virtual power now I bet it’s below 5%.

If you see a zPower user that you believe is producing unrealistic numbers, just send them a message and try to assist them in getting their setup corrected. I have done it more than a few times and most of the time they are thankful for the help.