Echelon ex-3 + qdomyoszwift works, but not in zwift power results

Hi, I’m new to Zwift but have done two races now and have everything working well. Ie Zwift, Zwift Companion and have a working profile on Zwift Power. But in the two races I’ve completed so far I’ve noticed I’m not showing up on the Zwift Power race results. I’m running an Echelon ex-3 with the qdomyoszwift app to link to Zwift. Does Zwift Power not trust this particular set up? Thanks

You will find both your results in the Unflitered section. You have been filtered out/disqualified from the results under the ZP code. The two races you rode do not allow ZPower racers to appear in the results.

It is not always obvious when you enter but if you look at the Event Description you will see the following information.

“Please note: For your results to show up in ZwiftPower, you must use a heart rate monitor (HRM) and be riding on a smart trainer, smart bike, or using a power meter. “

Edit: you are right Zwift probably doesn’t trust your type of setup and almost certainly many of those you race against don’t! I started on a ‘dumb’ trainer and as soon as I realised I was hooked I purchased a good second hand direct drive trainer - a huge improvement on accuracy and ride feel.

Thanks for the update. Yeah that makes sense. I think for now I’ll live without Zwift Power as I’m getting some great work outs and can enjoy the competitive side with Zwift races still. I got lucky finding a second hand nearly new Echelon ex-3 for £125 on eBay. I’m not in a rush to fork out for a wahoo kicker or whatever! lol