Network issues (linked to Focus Colors of PARI ?)

Hi all,

Since Friday, I experience an abnormal amount of network issues: riders disappearing and reappearing, trouble logging in and changing users, request timeouts, etc. It seems to match the timing of the Focus Colors of PARI events, which end this Sunday, so hopefully, it will get better on Monday, assuming this is due to the high number of riders joining these events… But I don’t think we have reached the riders numbers that we got back in March during the first lockdown, and I didn’t experience anything back then !

I’ve done the usual checks on my own network and I confirm thoses issues are striclty limited to Zwift.

Anyone observing network issues recently ?

That hasn’t been my experience, I was on the Focus ride and I can only think of one or two other rides that had 1000+ riders.

I had a good Focus ride on Friday, but didn’t notice how many riders were on that iteration of the event. Yesterday’s, with nearly 3000 riders, was a disaster. More discussions including here: Mass start events

In a way, the ride was amusing. Bikes with no riders going down the road. People, and riderless bikes, going in random directions. At one point I was just my hair, nothing else. And then a load of tail lights not attached to anything, like a set of fairy lights floating down the road. Quite pretty in a way…

Looks like everyone wanted that paint job !

I agree that I don’t remember an event with that many riders signed up, but I was more talking about the total number of riders on Zwift (Peak Zwift), in all worlds combined. We reached ~35k in April, according to Zwift Insider. We were nowhere near that many yesterday…

On top of that, the Companion app is also particularly slow these days !

One odd feature (in case anyone from Zwift is reading this) was large groups of riders coming the other way. The course yesterday was circular, so they should not have been participants in the event, and I thought that you only saw fellow-participants while in an event?

That was mostly in the early stages, before it stopped being able to show who was around at all in any meaningful way.

I don’t know if complaining about it on various forums helped, but the 15-20% packet loss issues I observed yesterday have disappeared today. It seemed all IPs in the us-west-1/2 AWS regions were affected, not just Zwift’s. Hard to say who was at fault, but I suspect it was the transit between my ISP (French ISP Free SAS) and transit provider Cogent.
I did a 1-hour test tonight and got 0% packet loss. Happy days !