Focus: Colours of PARI - Shorter Ride fail

I was unable to finish this stage of the ride today due to the game slowing to a crawl. It took me 2 hours in real life to ride 23km in the game. I ended up saving my progress since I was not about to ride another 1.5 hours just to finish the event.

Are there any plans to award the skin and bike frames to all the thousands of participants that could not finish this event?

I could have finished it 2x over if your server and my laptop were not overloaded.

Same here but for the longer ride. I did 9 miles in 24 minutes in the game, but it took one hour and 50 minutes in real time. There were bunches of other riders around me right up to the point where I gave up - I can’t work out whether everyone else was daft enough to stay around that long as well, or whether I was seeing people where they had in fact been 90 minutes earlier. Even now, the game on my Android tablet is not responding properly and claims to have 2862 riders still taking part in the event. I’m still waiting for it to let me save the bit that I did do.

Strangely, however, about an hour into the ride, I could see some riders discussing how they had nearly finished. So some people must have had a nearly normal experience.

The colours of PARI ride last night was excellent. This one was such a disappointment. Can’t work out whether to bother tomorrow.

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Yeah, I don’t have a lot of hope completing this event tomorrow. Seems like it will just be a repeat of today.

I’ve checked. I was going for the 3pm (UK time) event tomorrow. There are nearly 2500 signed up for that already. Probably not worth the bother…

Oh well. Hope zwift at least gives rewards for all participants when a lot of people experience these server issues. I am pretty sure they did it for a past event I was unable to complete.

Same here. extremely dissapointing to see 11kph at 230 Watts.
My Garmin Edge recorded 1h30. Zwift just had 50min on the clock.