Neo 2T

bonjour impossible d’enlever le manchon noir en dessous du corp cassette sur le Neo 2T solution

I am not really sure what you are asking. What ‘black sleeve’? And are you saying you are not able to remove whatever this is?

Quand on enlève le corps cassette on a normalement un petit plastique noir voilà ce que je n’arrive pas enlever

I have a Neo 2, which is a little different, but that black piece (which is metal on my Neo 2) to which the arrow is pointing typically pulls out by hand. But on your Neo 2T it is not coming out?

Impossible de la faire sortir j’ai essayé de mettre des gants tout essayé impossible

Interesting. at 4:55 of this video the user just pulls out the spacer with his fingers.

j’aimerais bien savoir les gants qu’il utilise
Merci d’avance pour les réponses

I’ve a 2T and yes the sleeve should slide out. It’s something you are supposed to lubricate from time to time.