Neo 2T starts out rough growling

Newbie here…Neo 2T starts with rough/dirt road feel on smooth road. It stops after some time, but every time it happens it growls? It becomes louder the harder I push the pedals.

Sorry if I’m mistaking noise for road feel.

My Neo 2T made a noise that could resemble the cobbelstone road feel.

I have 11 speed Ultegra, and had to mount the 2 spacers/shims on the inside of the casette. Then the noise disappeared and it works fine.

Hi Tom,
It’s noise and the road feel on the smooth roads. As I push the pedals harder, the “growl” and feel becomes stronger.
It also goes away after a ?miles and it’s back to normal. It’s the similar road feel as the dirt/rough road with the bonus of it getting louder the harder I push. I used no spacer as the Neo 2T directions showed for my latest version ultegra 11speed.
Thanks for the reply, I’ll recheck those cassette directions but I triple checked it before I installed it.

I was not not supposed to use the spacers, but it’s worth a try. It fixed it for me

Hi Tom,
Thanks again for your reply.
I’ll definitely investigate that spacer option.
I hesitate for two reasons…chain alignment, which is probably only important because I use the bike outside on good weather days. The way it is I just pop on my back wheel with no need to adjust the rear derailleur.
Secondly…it only does it when I start, it’s like the trainer warms up then it works as it should.

I am curious if your Neo did it continuously or just at the first few miles and then it corrects itself?
Kind regards,

I did not use the Neo with the noise until it was warm, as I was afraid to destroy something. I tried the spacer option pretty quickly.