Needs progress indicator when loading a ride

When Zwift starts loading a ride, the screen turns blue and the message at the center says, “Loading [whichever world]”. A message in the upper left corner says, “Zwift (not responding)”. These remain until the ride finally loads.

The problem is that sometimes the ride takes a long time to load or sometimes never loads. Then, without some indication of loading progress, there is no way to decide whether to just wait further or to abort. Thus, what is needed is a true progress indicator – either a progress bar or a number that shows the percentage loaded. This should be similar to what is seen during most software installations. Then if the indicator stalls you could make a reasoned judgement on how to proceed. (Please don’t use one of those silly spinny things since these provide no information and can continue to spin even if the app is frozen.)

This would also be helpful when loading a pace partner ride. Then you could pedal at lower power during loading until near the end of the loading and then spin up to reasonable power to join the partner just before the loading finishes.

(In the past week I have tried twice to ride with a Makuri D pace partner. This was after having warmed up on Tempus Fugit. In both cases I soft pedaled for 10+ minutes while the blue screen was displayed. I finally aborted but by then my warmup had been wasted. I then just did a normal Watopia ride without problems.)

Windows 10

Don C.

This is what I normally do whatever the ride, doesn’t take more than about 30 seconds to load a ride, any longer than that and I’d think something wrong with the setup

If i click the mouse or do anything during the world loading phase then it causes that behaviour for me. Almost doubles the loading time and will bring up the Windows warning.

Hence i leave it to do it’s thing and it takes only a few seconds.

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I opened this thread as I couldn’t envisage where a loading indicator could be useful, but then all the worlds load in a matter of seconds for me. I can’t imagine waiting 10 minutes. I’ll time a Makuri load just out of interest

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I reckon that will be in under a minute and I think Makuri, seems to be the slowest

This sounds like a PC with a mechanical hard drive that needs solid state storage to achieve reasonable performance.


tbf I have had not responding on messages on a freshly built machine using a m.2 drive

When I was a kid I had Zaxxon on a cassette tape drive for my Atari 800, that set my expectations. Now any game that loads in under 45 minutes is a good deal :laughing:

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