Need thru axle for Fuji Roubaix

Hi all,
I have a fuji roubaix bike that I want to connect to my kickr snap trainer. I have been at several bikeshops here in Norway, but no one so far can deliver an axle that is long enough. The length of my original axle is 174mm with 12mm M 1.5 threads. So I need something that is longer than 174. Probably around 185-190mm. Can someone help? Tomas

Have a look on here and see if there is anything suitable for your requirements.

SJS Cycles in the UK carry some of these, as that’s where I sourced my thru axle for use on my Kickr Snap.

Thanks Alan, this will work. I just need to find out exactly what my hub length is. Then I will find the correct axle here. :ok_hand:

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