157mm thru axle with direct turbo

I bought an Xplova Nova S for a great price secondhand. My bike is a Ribble Endurance AL Disc which has 157mm thru axle for its back wheel. This appears to be rather unusual and I’m now realising most direct turbos talk about 142mm or 148mm thru axle compatibility but not 157mm. Up to now I have been using a wheel on trainer but was hoping to switch to direct. Is there a way to adapt the 157mm axle to make it possible to mount the bike on the turbo? Are any smart interactive direct turbos compatible with 157mm thru axles?

How are you coming up with that measurement?

Spec page indicates 12x142R, suggesting you’re measuring the entire axle width not the drop-out distance.

157mm is a SuperBoost axle datapoint but those are most often found on downhill mountain bikes.

Thanks so much, turns out you are absolutely right. I was confused by the thru axle from my wheel on turbo which says 157mm but of course that will be longer. Should work fine but also in taking the wheel off my bike I discovered the derailleur screws have come out and nothing was holding it on. Won’t be able to do anything or go anywhere till I can work out what screws I need.