Trek Madone

Hi all
Just been trying to put my Trek Madone thru axle on the Wahoo Kicker but even with the 142x12 adapter I can’t get it to fit. Has anyone else had this issue?

What exactly is the problem? For example, is it simply that the thru axle won’t seem to screw in? Or is a disc brake caliper fouling the trainer and not letting the axle sit in the right place? Or something else?

Hey Steve. The end of the skewer thats supplied with the adapter on the drive side won’t go into the opening as not enough clearance where the thread for the thru-axle screws in

Thanks. Hopefully someone here with a Kickr and thru axle bike can shed some light on this, or even better someone else with a Madone.

@Ken_Tobin Kickr5 by chance?

Hey Dean

It’s a wahoo kicker 18

Oh ok. someone posted issues with a Kickr5 and having thru-axle problems so thought it may be related. I have an '18 and using thru-axle based bike.

Apologies for delay - the forum hasnt been notifying me of updates to threads.

On the kicker18 the small threaded washer is to screw on to the metal insert on the drive side of the cassette. But there are no threads on this insert so how do you affix this. I’m really wondering is it a packaging mistake as I have more than 1 issue with this product

Is it this part?

If so, that is screwed into the freehub using a freewheel/cassette tool.

If not, can you post a pic of what you are referring to?

On my 2018 KICKR the 142/148 adapter came mislabeled.
When the 148 marking is sticking out it is in fact in the shorter 142 mode.
And vice versa when rotated so that the 142 is sticking out the whole assembly is wider to accommodate 148 frames.
It was obvious to me on the first assembly as I am a mechanic, but it’s something to keep a eye on.

Yeah I tried both ways with the original wahoo adapter and even purchased a qr adapter for thru axle bikes to see if that would work. But I have read now that these wahoo18 model won’t fit Trek Madone or Emonda thru axle bikes.

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Unfortunate. =(