Need Feature to Follow Someone After the Ride Starts

I often find that I’m riding on Zwift and find someone who’s really challenging me.  I might pass him, and then he’ll pass me, making the workout much more productive.  I wish we had a feature where we could click on that person’s name and then follow them through the course (much like the “join a friend” feature at the start of a ride).

The problem today is, I might find someone who is at my level and who is really challenging me, but if we have chosen different routes at the start, one of us will turn and then we lose each other.  

Maybe the feature would alert the other rider that you’re challenging him, and he’d know that you had started following him.  Then he could try to keep up when I try to pass him, he could pass me, etc.

You just watch their turn signal and follow them. You can do it.

The issue is, you might be slightly ahead of the other rider at the turn, so you have no way of knowing if they’re taking the turn or not.  And, when my hands are sweaty from riding, the iPhone touch screen doesn’t always work right, so trying to turn using Mobile Link may not work.

Bill: Cool idea.


I usually start chatting to the person, then we will discuss the route we are doing or the front guy will call type (left, straight or right) at intersections. 


But your idea will make that it a lot more fun. 

U-turns make a trouble. No “markers”, they just disappears from the list…

If we follow someone, his turns might be shown on the screen as arrows. Even if we are in the front of him.

Discussion during efforts might be difficult (wet fingers, high cadence, high HR…)