"Chase Mode"

Hi team,

New to zwift. Started out with a few friends on a ride, but got lost etc. really wanted to chase them down. See where they were on the map, after we started near eachother. Finally found them at different parts of the course, but they would pop up on nearby sporadically. I would then go the wrong way at certain turns and lose them again. Frustrating.

What I thought would be very cool if there was a “chase mode”, where you can select to chase someone… and any turns they do, you follow. So can just ride, not worrying about choosing the way to go at different corners/turns :sweat_smile: .

I automatically selects the same way. When you catch them/pass them, it disengages.

This sound so cool, that way when we want to do long rides as a group the leader can change direction when ever he/she want to. I would prefer if you can select when to disengage.

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