'nearby riders' in list and not riding

I find it annoying to see many names/riders in the ‘nearby riders list’ that are not participating the ride. I mean the riders that are stopped beside the track, taking a pause or them waiting to ride on are also listed.

So now and then I look for who’s in front of me in that list and than you see many times riders they are indicated on 0 W/kg … and you cross them because they were not riding.

Today we had 1000+ riders and that list was ‘rolling’ all the time …

Idle riders stay in the list for up to 20 minutes. This is so friends may be able to find them if they’re joining in late.  After 20 minutes, they will not be visible at all until they pedal, and then the 20 minute timer is reset.

Also, if a user logs in but doesn’t pair any devices, they instantly go into invisible mode as they’re probably just watching.

Please give us a filter function in the rider list.

Friend List, Active List, Waiting List,…etc

Yes, it will be great if you add filtering.

Filtering criteria should contains:

  • active (with speed is grater than zero)
  • friends (which are followed by us)
  • ridding in the event (with combo to select the event)
  • ridding the route (combo with same options as when joined, without “suprise me” of course)
  • attending the group (just as text)
  • rider category (A, B, C, etc)
  • from given country (combo with flags)

Two additional fields in user profile (I mean group and category) should be added.