Riders filtering

I wonder how is possible, that there are not any requests related to filtering riders. Looking at the list (and remarks like “2000 others”) it seems to be obvious.

The list changes too rapidly, it is almost useless.


Filtering criteria should contains:

  • active riders (with speed is grater than zero)
  • friends (which are followed by us)
  • ridding in the event (with combo to select the event)
  • ridding the route (combo with same options as when joined, without “suprise me” of course)
  • riders from the group
  • riders with category (A, B, C, etc)
  • riders from given country.

Age, gender etc could be useful, but are not “so important”.

Discussion about groups already runs.

I like some of these ideas.  I just finished riding with almost 3000 riders on course and it was a little crazy with the rider list.

I especially like this idea for when you are riding in events - on some of the London multiple-loop races.  I ride C category and somewhere around 4th or 5th lap the A group will come flying by us and it’s really hard to keep track of riders who try and go with them etc…   It would be great if the list just showed those in your category and race so you know where you are in relationship to them.