Filter options to find riders to join

(JD Griffis) #1

This has been partially addressed before, but I would really love to have some quick select category filters to be able to find other riders to join up with. The two most useful (for me) would be expected ride time in 30 minute intervals; and w/k in .5 increments. For example, at top of screen I can click on categories of 30, 60, 90, or 120+ minutes expected ride time; then click on categories of 1-1.5 w/k, 1.5-2, 2.5-3, etc. Two clicks and I have a list of riders that are going same approximate distance and speed that I’m planning on going.

(Craig Feringa) #2

I agree that on one’s profile, you can list what your average riding power is/or will be for that ride.  It would be helpful to be able to join riders who are then ‘like minded’.  Then when one starts, dump them far enough in front of the rider(s) to be able to join them.  That would allow impromptu group rides.  Kindof like in RL when you come across a group of riders and ask where they’re going and so forth.  

(Ron Skinner) #3

for some reason there is a sort of filter in the mobile app (rider you follow) but on line when you log in there is nothing.  This should be the first thing to get right now that it is a paid for service, If I want to join a group or a friend I should be able to search and find them then the app simply drops me a short distance in front of them and I can soft pedal until they catch up and presto we are together.