Meetups - Invitee Filters

When creating a meetup, I currently have no way to access all of my in-game connections except for a name search.

It would be great to be able to filter my follower list by a few options like:
Country / Region,
Timezone (just created a meetup, and someone messaged me back saying 4am was too early, even though it was 6pm for me) (you won’t find me riding at 4am either),
How active users are (eg, have they ridden in the last 30 days?),

Maybe even a button at the bottom of the list of followers (next 100 / next 200) if all the invitee slots haven’t been filled.

Another extension of this could be to “advertise” my meetup to my followers. I would create a meetup (eg to climb Alpe du Zwift at a set time), potentially invite some followers, but also be able to select an option to allow my followers to see this meetup and join if they haven’t been invited. I guess this could be another section under meetups - “Your Meetups” and “Available Meetups”.