Meetup Suggestions (Beyond Late Join)

Hi there! I’ve seen a lot of posts on the topic of late join but I don’t think I’ve seen one specifically for this. Please let me know if I’ve missed it.

For meetups, it would be great to see the option to rejoin a meetup if you get disconnected for any reason or running a few minutes late and were already slated to join. Disconnections can happen for a ton of different reasons but it would be nice to see the ability to have a rejoin option as long as someone still is in the meetup (either the host or a joined rider). I’ve seen people join a meetup only to have a drop out or computer issue cause them to have to drop and a new meetup having to be created or they just have to join in on a rider instead. These have been especially difficult for meetups using the “keep everyone together” feature, because if you just join in on a rider since you can’t get into the meetup, you don’t get the benefits of naturally staying with the group.