Quickly finding a rider to join

Please could we have the ability to filter the list of active riders, eg by filtering the list as you type to find someone by first/last name.

Currently it’s a real pain to find someone you know is riding by scanning a list of sometimes 200+ names manually.

It would also help visually if the rider’s nationality flag could be shown alongside their name.


Great idea. Also be able to sort by name “Tag” like ZGR or PAC. I justt submitted request about makeing this “Tag” a seperate field rather than altering last name. The search filter is a great idea.

actually the list would be better if it was sorted by where the people are on the course.  It would allow you to see groups and to drop in in front of them to catch on!  Also if it showed watts/kg with names you could see if it was a group you can ride with.