[RFE] Update Mobile Link app to support sorting rider lists

(... david (aka "setuid")) #1

The mobile link app is great, until you have more than 20-30 riders on the course (i.e. all the time now).

By the time you scroll down to find the rider’s profile you want to access, the list refreshes and the rider pops to somewhere else in the list. The list refreshes so aggressively that scrolling is almost entirely useless/non-functional (takes 5-8 seconds to “recognize” the scroll request because it’s busy refreshing multiple times in that same period).

So let’s add some sorting options to the list, and make the space to the right of the ‘All Riders’ button provide that sorting capability.

See the mock-up screenshots below for some examples: 

(Hamid Abugideiri) #2

Nice, I like the idea. 

(Pål Eddy Stokvik [TFC-Racing]) #3

This sounds like a good idea, the riders list are mostly useless the way it works now, so this idea got my vote.

(T HE Nighttrain Endurance Lab) #4

Existing mobile app can’t even handle riders that you are following that are literally just 10 minutes behind you on the same course. Any improvement from the current standard will be supported!

(Greg Babb) #5

Another vote for sorting.  Would also like the ability to lock the app so that I stay in the center of the display and riders around me move around.  Sometimes this happens, sometimes it does not.  Being able to lock this would be helpful as would the options mentioned above.

I would also like to be able to see all riders that I follow that are on the course, not just the ones “close” to me.

(Ulrik Vadstrup [DBR]) #6

Check - cannot be made fast enough :wink:

(Steve Sullivan- RO4H) #7

If Zwift separates out the Tag from the last name field, Like “ZSR” etc. Then you could sort by your ride group or race. Seems like a no brainer. The community has developed the hack to add a tag to your last name, but this should really be a different field. It might be cool to also be able to make riders on the course visable/ invisable by tag. This might seem like this would be getting away from the social aspect of the game, but I can see how this would be cool for races or group rides. I like seeing everyone, but this would be a good option for others on a selective basis. At minimum, be able to sort the list in app by tag as this ticket refers to.

(anon60472317) #8

Some kind of on screen toggle to stop it refreshing might be useful too, so when you are looking though the list people dont jump around, then you can toggle it back on if needed.