Sort "Ride With" list for friends/followers first

(Chris Hendricks) #1

Zwift is great!  Thanks for doing such an outstanding job.

I had one suggestion I thought would make it easier to use.  When you choose a ride/workout and you want to ride with a friend, you have to find the friend in the list.  I think this used to be easier when there weren’t so many riders on Zwift, but sometimes if there are 1300 people on, that list can be pretty large.  Granted, they are sorted alphabetically, but sometimes it can be tough to roll right up on the correct name with the scroller (I use a touch pad on a MBPr).

My suggestion is an option to sort by followers/friends.  So if I have some people I am following, they will bubble up to the top of the “ride with” list.  The rest of the riders would show up below that.

(Tauseef Khan ACC) #2

Ability to search the list would be helpful too. 

(... david (aka "setuid")) #3

Those you follow via the ZML mobile will show up at the top of the “Ride With” list by default.

If you want to search the list, you can do that via ZML, then follow them there, and they’ll pop up on the top of your in-game “Ride With” list.

You can either Search within ZML using the Zwift user’s datastore, or you can search Strava for the names of users you already follow in Zwift. Both are available options in ZML.

(Tauseef Khan ACC) #4

Thanks found the settings. However, this search should be available on the PC/Mac also.