List current riders in alphabetical order and add the rider's age

(Steven Petouvis) #1

It is cumbersome to scroll through the list of riders when looking to join friends in a ride. It would be much easier to locate other riders if the last names were in alphabetical order.

Age of each rider would be nice to know. Perhaps it could be listed with the rider’s name.

(Jason K) #2

Thanks for the feedback! The rider list will probably be changing as we continue development and be supplemented with additional features from the mobile app as that continues to be developed as well. Stay tuned!

(Ken Meyer) #3

More than 15 months later and still no alphabetical order.I mean this is so simple to implement and definitely a  basic programmer skill. I don’t care if riders are  ‘friends’ or not. I use ‘join rider’ as a positioning tool. And since there’s currently no order, it is pretty cumbersome to scroll through hundreds of names. Winter season makes this even worse.

(Roby Brisson) #4

Seems currently ordered by speed.  Which is fine if you want to find a similar caliber rider, but most of us are looking for friends nowadays.

The option of sorting by name would be a great little MVP a great little MVP, and then some nice friend finding/following/riding capabilities would be great!