Rider list filter

(Erik Dutch Diesel Cycling) #1

When doing the ZTRs it should be possible to filter the riders you see in the list on the right so you can see more easy where all the riders in your ride are. I am thinking if you could filter based on a substring of ZTR in this case that would be great

(Trevor Dias) #2

Good idea, but not just for ZTR’s. For all group races. 

(Erik Dutch Diesel Cycling) #3

Agreed, ztr is just an example, any substring would work!

(Andrew Rockwell (bici)) #4

I also agree… filter by region for example…or key word for teams.


Also - in the app its very hard to switch between the list of ppl you follow and the list of all riders when there are lots of messages popping up at the top of the screen!


(Deniz Warraich - A Bloc Racing) #5

Yeah a search filter would be great. 

Another idea would be for riders to join current ride/race groups created by users, and filter each by group. This would eliminate the need to add what group you’re in your last name. 

(m morris) #6

Sorting by name, country, region/City, age & FTP and filtering by the same would be great!


(James Hodges [KRT]) #7

This would still be a useful feature even with the event module. The Tacx Team Time Trial would be easier for Nathan to cover if filtering on the letters TTT.